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... music that's as catchy as it
is crushing. As the driving force behind the act, it was important for Friden to
challenge himself on the album and take vocal lessons three days a week in
order to expand [...]

1. Voices  2. I, The Mask  3. Call My Name  4. I Am Above  5. Follow Me  6. (This Is Our) House  7. We Will Remember  8. In This Life  9. Burn  10. Deep Inside [...]

versions: CD | 2LP | LP
... Powinniście usłyszeć, jak je zaśpiewał!
Album "Shine A Light" to 12 premierowych utworów, które łączą rock, pop i r&b. Na krążku znalazł się m. in. duet z Jennifer Lopez "That's How Strong Our Love Is". - Praca z Jennifer była spełnieniem marzeń. Nasze głosy świetnie brzmią razem - zachwyca się [...]

1. Shine A Light  2. That's How Strong Our Love Is / feat. Jennifer Lopez  3. Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning  4. Driving Under The Influence Of Love  5. All Or Nothingve [...]

versions: CD | LP

1. Splendor Demon Majesty  2. Under The Ocean  3. Astorolus - The Great Octopus  4. Bridge Of The Blind  5. Death's Wheel  6. Black Trinity  7. House Of Doom  8. The Omega Circle

versions: CD | 2LP

1. Hurricanes  2. Give You Up  3. Hell After This  4. You Don't Need A God  5. Take You Home  6. Some Kind Of Love  7. Still On My Mind  8. Mad Love  9. Walking By [...]

versions: CD | LP

(P) (2019-02-27)

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... But there was no rest for the wicked, as the group
joined Italian symphonic metallers RHAPSODY Reunion on their
extensive "20th Anniversay Farewell Tour" across Europe, where
the band visited a number of countries and cities for the first time
ever. The summer saw BEAST IN BLACK playing [...]

1. Cry Out For A Hero  2. From Hell With Love  3. Sweet True Lies  4. Repentless  5. Die By The Blade  6. Oceandeep  7. Unlimited Sin  8. True Believer  9. This Is War [...]

versions: CD | 2LP
... BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, Candice Night. Na uwagę z całą pewnością zasługuje cover z kultowego filmu z lat 80-tych, "Flashdance", czyli "Maniac". Podsumowując: "Moonglow" to kolejne wielkie dzieło Tobiasa Sammeta, [...]

1. Ghost In The Moon  2. Book Of Shallows  3. Moonglow  4. The Raven Child  5. Starlight  6. Invincible  7. Alchemy  8. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn  9. Lavender [...]

versions: CD | CD+book | 2LP
... And those lyrics, I've always been into this witchy stuff and the different goddesses
of the underworld. I'd been reading about Hecate a lot and before I knew it, I just started to write a
song about [...]

1. Under Grass & Clover  2. Glass Houses  3. Hecate's Nightmare  4. Kick In A Spleen  5. Platitudes & Barren Words  6. Hexed  7. Relapse / (The Nature Of My Crime) [...]

versions: CD | LP
... To jednak wciąż brzmienie łączące metalową agresję, maestrię techniczną ze stylem progresywnym, z jakiego tak dobrze znany jest zespół. I choć tematyka płyty nie należy do najlżejszych, klimat całości oddaje pasję i entuzjazm, jakie [...]

1. Untethered Angel  2. Paralyzed  3. Fall Into The Light  4. Barstool Warrior  5. Room 137  6. S2n  7. At Wit's End  8. Out Of Reach  9. Pale Blue Dot

versions: 2CD+BR+DVD+2LP+LP7" | 2CD+BR+DVD | CD | 2CD | LPHQ/CD [box 3pcs] | LP | LP/CD [box 3pcs]

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... "We've never had an identity
crisis", says frontman Bobby Blitz, "but we still like raising an eyebrow from time to time!". Morphing into the modern day
and taking advantage of the convenience of technological advances, this old school group of guys utilize technology for its
instantaneous qualities that help [...]

1. Last Man Standing  2. Believe In The Fight  3. Head Of A Pin  4. Batshitcrazy  5. Distortion  6. A Mother's Prayer  7. Welcome To The Garden State  8. Where Few Dare To Walk [...]

versions: CD | 2LP | LP
... Każdy kawałek jest niczym hymn, z epickimi melodiami oraz mrocznymi hookami. Jak zapewniają członkowie zespołu: "Resist" jest dla Within Temptation dokonaniem przełomowym - gdyby nie powstało, zespół przestałby istnieć.

Na "Resist" [...]

1. The Reckoning / feat. Jacoby Shaddix  2. Endless War  3. Raise Your Banner / feat. Anders FridéN  4. Supernova  5. Holy Ground  6. In Vain  7. Firelight / feat. Jasper Steverlinck [...]

versions: CD | 2CD+MC+TS | 2LPHQ
... Jak mówi sam Hozier:

Jestem niezwykle podekscytowany mogąc ogłosić premierę mojego nowego albumu, "Wasteland, Baby"! Powstawał ponad rok, więc cieszę się, że w końcu mogę odsłonić wszystkie karty i podzielić się moją pracą. Chciałbym gorąco podziękować fanom i słuchaczom za nieustające wsparcie pomiędzy płytami. Do [...]

1. Nina Cried Power / (Featuring Mavis Staples)  2. Almost / (Sweet Music)  3. Movement  4. No Plan  5. Nobody  6. To Noise Making / (Sing)  7. As It Was [...]

versions: CD | 2LP | LP
... As well as bringing his impressive musical chops to the band, Reb has co-written five songs on the new album, the fourth studio album he has appeared on, commencing with 2008's highly acclaimed "Good To Be Bad".

It [...]

1. Good To See You Again  2. Gonna Be Alright  3. Shut Up & Kiss Me  4. Hey You / (You Make Me Rock)  5. Always & Forever  6. When I Think Of You / (Color Me Blue) [...]

versions: CD | CD+DVD | 2LPHQ | 2LP+CD+DVD

(P) (2019-03-29)

(P) 2018 (2019-02-07)

(P) (2019-03-01)

(P) (2019-05-10)




Bonnie has been incredibly creative throughout the process of the album recording. Having numerous songs, which could have been a great fit for the album, it took a while to finally pick the perfect tracklist for "Between The Earth And The Stars". And oh what a tracklist it is! Besides a song written by [...]

1. Hold On  2. Battle Of The Sexes / (With Rod Stewart)  3. Slow Walk  4. Seven Waves Away  5. Someone's Rockin' Your Heart / (With Francis Rossi)  6. Older  7. Taking Control / (With Cliff Richard) [...]
... Kiedy nagraliśmy "bury a friend, w mojej głowie powstał kompletny pomysł na cały album. Od razu wiedziałam, o czym ma być, jak będzie wyglądała jego strona wizualna i na jakim odbiorze materiału mi zależy. Ten jeden kawałek zainspirował całą płytę. "bury a friend" to opowieść z [...]

1. Seven Exclamation Mark  2. Bad Guy  3. Xanny  4. You Should See Me In A Crown  5. All The Good Girls Go To Hell  6. Wish You Were Gay  7. When The Party's Over  8. 8 [...]

versions: CD | LP
... Dostępne w formatach 2CD lub 3LP "Honk" zawiera 36 utwory, w tym osiem singli z Top 10: "Brown Sugar", "Tumbling Dice", "Angie", "It's Only Rock'n'Roll (But I Like It)", "Fool To Cry", "Miss You", "Emotional Rescue" i "Start Me Up". Nie zabrakło utworów z najnowszej płyty, "Blue & Lonesome" (2016) - "Doom & Gloom", "Just Your Fool", "Ride 'Em On Down" i "Hate To See You [...]

1. Start Me Up  2. Brown Sugar  3. Rocks Off  4. Miss You  5. Tumbling Dice  6. Just Your Fool  7. Wild Horses  8. Fool To Cry  9. Angie  10. Beast Of Burden [...]

versions: 3CD | 2CD | CD | 2CDSHM | 3LP | LP
... There are innumerable guitarists who have copied a small part of the vast musical spectrum that defines him, but nobody comes close to achieving what he has over a period of nearly four decades.
Now, with 'Blue Lightning', the man highlights not only his enduring dexterity and diversity, but also pays homage to those from the blues world who have fueled his artistic spirit [...]

1. Blue Lightning  2. Foxy Lady  3. Demon's Eye  4. 1911 Strut  5. Blue Jean Blues  6. Purple Haze  7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps  8. Sun's Up Top's Down  9. Peace, Please [...]

versions: CD | BluSpecCD | 2LPHQ

(P) (2019-03-15)

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